At Naturale, we have recognized the amazing properties of oak wood as the material for manufacturing of interior doors. Oak wood is heavy, hard and moderately susceptible to abrasion. This wood is an ideal raw material for carpentry, because it can be easily bent, glued or stained. That is why we often use oak wood for our doors which are manufactured entirely out of this material. At Naturale, we follow the trail of nature, classics and beauty. You can be sure that your oak door was made according to the highest standards.

Genuine wooden doors are a signature of your home


Oak is a symbol of power, nobility and fame.


Burmese teak, or Tectona grandis, is found mainly in Asia (in Myanmar, India and Thailand). The value of teak wood has been recognized in ancient times, when it was used in ship construction. To this day, it is used in the shipbuilding industry, because it does not become soaked with water, does not swell or shrink, and at the same time it is resistant to biological factors..

Because of this, teak wood has been also used in the furniture industry for manufacturing of kitchen and bathroom furniture and floors. At Naturale, we have also appreciated the unique qualities of teak. This is why you will find doors made of this finest luxury wood in our portfolio.


Epoxy resins — an innovative solution
We can decorate any door model, regardless of the wood used, with any pattern — either colored or colorless — made of epoxy resin. The epoxy mass is made of two components that, when combined, create an extremely hard, abrasionand moisture-resistant material. Thanks to its plasticity during forming stage, it can be adapted to almost any decorative design. Epoxy resin in Naturale doors represents the final touch to the perfect design of your interior, emphasizing its original style.

Epoxy resin in Naturale doors represents the final touch to the perfect design of your interior, emphasizing its original style.


Teak is a noble and luxurious wood.


Our doors are oiled with certified, high quality products which don’t contain solvents and are VOC Free. They are safe for the customers and the environment. We can oil the wood using transparent oil or we can apply 40 different colors. For varnishing, we use colors from the RAL palette.


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