We use certified, high quality materials which are safe and environmentally friendly

Oils that we use in the productions:
-have 40 shades
-highlight natural wood
-top layer is scratch, water and temperature resistant
-eliminate hazardous components
-are safer for people with allergies and children (VOC ellimination)

It is also possible to varnish ours   doors in any color. The color is selected from the RAL palette.

Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold
The given label certifies the environmental safety of our products. Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold is a proof that our company cares about the air quality and healthy lifestyle.

0% VOC
An independent laboratory (Ecca) provided a gas chromatography analysis of oils which estimated the level of VOC in a given product.

A+ Label
A french legal institution which measures VOC emission in products and labels them with A+ (lowest emission) to C (highest emission).

Ü Label – DiBt
German independent institute testing the emission of vapors released in industrial products used indoors. This designation is mandatory in for all products used in public places such as doctor's offices, hospitals, offices and shops.

Certificate FR - BFL-S1
Our flame retardant system of oiling RMC FR Oil was tested in accordance with the following standards: EN 13501-1, EN ISO 11925-2 i EN ISO 9239-1. Class Bfl s1 was the first one we received. Class B certificate is the highest in the fire test classification system. S1 label refers to the amount of smoke production during fire and indicates that the amount in our products is low.

EN 71-3 Safety of toys
This european standard contains requirements for the migration of certain elements such as barium, cadmium, mercury, etc. in different kinds of toys. This means that wood protected by RMC Oil Plus 2C RMC Hybrid Wood Protector is safe for children.

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